Обложка книги The Fume in the Tomb (Ready-for-Chapters)

The Fume in the Tomb (Ready-for-Chapters)

ISBN: 0689857039;
Издательство: Aladdin
Страниц: 80

Book Description This plot reeks! The Stink Squad unearths an evil plot at the Museum of Ancient Sniffstory. Someone has stolen the Golden Nose of King Tustinkhamen, an Egyptian artifact so powerful it can smell into the future. How can the Stink Squad find the thief in a museum packed with suspects? There's Gnarla the fortune-smeller, Professor Feeble, who's hard-of-smelling, and his sharp young assistant, Vinscent Slick. But the Stink Squad is running out of time. They've got to find the Golden Nose -- before the mummy of King Tustinkhamen finds them!