Обложка книги Deputy Harvey and the Ant Cow Caper

Deputy Harvey and the Ant Cow Caper

ISBN: 0803730233;
Издательство: Dial
Страниц: 32

Book DescriptionThe ants of Ant Hill are mighty upset. Some cows from the local herd are missing, and rumor says the culprits are a wild bunch of ladybugs. Deputy Harvey is eager to investigate, but Sheriff Dil is more concerned with finishing his breakfast. Very suspicious! Kids will root for this loveably goofy hero when Harvey hatches a plan to uncover the real thief. From the wonderfully wacky imagination of Brad Sneed, this spoofy mystery-adventure is told with a western twang, and illustrated ina colorful style that has many clever details (and clues!) to amuse children and their parents.