Обложка книги Secret Agent

Secret Agent

ISBN: 0689870442;
Издательство: Atheneum
Страниц: 240

Book Description Listen up, people, because we've got a problem here. It's time to get really worried, and by that I mean majorly concerned, about Kyle Parker. He used to be a cool guy. Okay, not the smartest kid at school or the best-looking, but he could always hold his own. Until recently. Until he failed to notice that Lucinda (who, btw, is really hot) has been following him around for weeks. Or that a volleyball was coming straight for his face during gym. But can you blame him at a time like this? In case you haven't heard (and if you haven't, you must be living in a cave), Kyle's mom kicked his dad out of the house. Why? Because of a book. Kyle's dad's book. The one he's been writing and can't get published. Which means he can't make any money. Which means he can't support his family. So it's the big D. Divorce. Unless Kyle can pull a fast one and fake out the most famous editor in New York City. How? By going undercover. Secret. Top secret. As in no one else...

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