Обложка книги Stock Trading Techniques: Based on Price Patterns

Stock Trading Techniques: Based on Price Patterns

ISBN: 0934380686;
Издательство: Traders Press
Страниц: 246

Michael Harris is giving us more pointers on stock trading based on patterns. These are not repetitions of those he offered in his first book, "Short-Term Trading with Price Patterns," so the reader doesn't need to worry about getting two books containing the same material. As in his first book, Michael gives clear, concise explanations and examples. Pattern definitions and analysis include these and others: N-V Pattern, Gamma Pattern, Lambda Pattern, 3L-R Pattern, Combinatorial Pattern, EPS (Exhaustive Pattern Search) Method, Successive & Coincident Patterns, OBB Pattern, Down-5C Pattern, and GAP-2H Pattern. Michael covers basic notes on pattern trading, trading rules, entry points and establishing profit targets and stop loss, pattern clusters, system modeling and back-testing.