Обложка книги The Riddles of Epsilon

The Riddles of Epsilon

ISBN: 0060728191;
Издательство: Katherine Tegen Books
Страниц: 384

Amazon.comA modern teen battles ancient evil aided by an invisible guide and an old diary in British author Christine Morton-Shaw?s The Riddles of Epsilon . While exploring the property around her mother?s ancestral home, fourteen-year-old Jessica finds a falling down cottage. Within resides Epsilon, a being that could be wraith, angel or demon. Through ghostly IM exchanges on her computer, Epsilon leads Jessica to an 1894 diary written by a boy named Sebastian Wren. Jessica is disturbed to discover that Sebastian?s actions seem to mirror her own, right down to sharing the same dream. Even more upsetting is the fact that Jessica?s mother seems to be slipping away mentally, just like Sebastian?s mother did many years ago. Epsilon tells Jessica that the only way to free her mother?s mind is to find a cursed relic that Sebastian failed to uncover. But can Jessica trust Epsilon? And if not, is she strong enough to break the age-old family curse on her...