Обложка книги The Search for the Jade Lizard

The Search for the Jade Lizard

ISBN: 059533766X;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 138

Book Description The Search for the Jade Lizard pairs teen-aged siblings Andrea and Brad Davis in an exciting and dangerous Hawaiian mystery. Everyone is excited to go to the island of Maui and swim, play tennis, and learn to SCUBA dive. But soon after their arrival, Brad and Andrea find themselves in a far different kind of adventure?one that spells danger. Wandering down a Lahaina street, Brad and Andrea are told by a fortune teller that they will find an ancient treasure, but to ?beware of the man with the gold earring he is a very bad man, an evil man, who would stop at nothing, even murder, to take the treasure from you.? Undaunted by the warning, Andrea and Brad hunt for a missing jade lizard statue that once belonged to Hawaiian royalty. Captured by the henchman of the islands? biggest crime boss, Andrea and Brad must reveal the whereabouts of the treasure or be killed.

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