Обложка книги For All Time

For All Time

ISBN: 0440229316;
Издательство: Laurel Leaf
Страниц: 272

Amazon.comThe romantic time-travel series by the popular Caroline Cooney ( Both Sides of Time , Out of Time , Prisoner of Time ) continues with this fourth volume, in which the lovers, Annie and Strat, are again out of sync through thecenturies. From modern times Annie sets out to find Strat at the Egyptian pyramids in 1899, where she suspects he is working as a photographer for an archeological dig. But Time overshoots the mark, and she ends up in ancient Egypt, where she is walled into a tomb as an official sacrifice! Meanwhile, Strat has his own troubles when his evil father shows up and frames him for grave robbing. Will the two time-crossed lovers ever find each other again? A fun, fast-paced read. (Ages 10 to 14) --Patty Campbell Book DescriptionAnnie Lockwood is testing Time. She’s traveled through it before, but always at Time’s bidding. Now she is asking Time to take her to the year 1899, when Strat is in Cairo. But Time...

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