Обложка книги The Fallen: Aerie

The Fallen: Aerie

ISBN: 0689853076;
Издательство: Simon Pulse
Страниц: 320

Book Description haven? or hell? Aaron Corbet is an eighteen-year-old Nephilim and the one who will reunite the fallen angels with Heaven. But right now Aaron isn't interested in saving anybody other than himself, his magically powered dog, and his younger, autistic foster brother, Steven, from Verchiel, the cruel leader of the Powers. Verchiel is bent on destroying Aaron, and with him all hope of angelic reconciliation. With the help of a fallen angel, Aaron manages to arrive in the angelic refuge known as Aerie. Though he hopes to catch his breath before continuing the Good Fight, Aaron learns that the other residents of Aerie are concerned about his presence and his role in their future. But how can he win their trust when he has accidentally led the Powers straight to the sanctuary of the Fallen?

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