Обложка книги The Power of Two (T*witches (Paperback))

The Power of Two (T*witches (Paperback))

ISBN: 0439544106;
Издательство: Scholastic
Страниц: 308

Amazon.comImagine hanging out at an amusement park one day with your best buds when, out of the blue, your eyes lock with another girl whose face is identical to your own. Cam Barnes, preppy and upbeat, and Alex Fielding, cynical and tough, couldn't be more different--or more alike. When the fates (or someone else... ) bring the girls together, all illusions of their former lives are shattered. Suddenly, the strange secret each girl has always kept--Cam sees things before they happen and Alex hears people's thoughts--begins to make sense, as the girls reluctantly join forces to create a powerful, though unchallenged team. Their abilities are soon put to the test when a young superstar is kidnapped while visiting Cam's hometown. The first book in pop writers H.B. Gilmour and Randi Reisfeld's T*Witches series introduces readers to the incredible mystery behind two almost-ordinary girls and launches headlong into the drama that unfolds as the twin/witches (t*witches) begin to develop...