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Munier Sharrieff

Battle Of The Planets Volume 1: Trial By Fire - Digest

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ISBN: 1582403376
Издательство: Image Comics
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 244
Book DescriptionThe first 9 issues of Battle of the Planets plus the Battle of the Planets: Mark special in their original black-and-white state are collected here in one volume! Join Mark, Jason, Tiny, Keyop, and Princess on their adventures to save theearth from the evil Zoltar and the forces of Spectra! The attack on Earth has begun, and only the super-team known as G-Force stands between the forces of evil and our planet's utter destruction. Can the crew defeat Zoltar and the soldiers of Spectra? Earth had better hope so, because time is running out!
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