Обложка книги Primavera


ISBN: 014240067X;
Издательство: Puffin
Страниц: 208

Book Description From the very moment she was born, Primavera?s songs made water flow and flowers blossom. She brought new life to the desert where her family lives. But even in Paradise there are dreams that cannot be fulfilled. Primavera is in love with a man who can never be hers?so when a handsome stranger offers her the gift of a horse-headed motorcycle, Primavera leaves home in search of the magical city of Elysia, the city once ruled by her parents? band, Ecstasia. But in Elysia,Primavera discovers that she has left behind everything she truly needs, everyone she truly cares about?and, if the city has its way, she will never find her way back home.

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