Обложка книги The Merlin Conspiracy

The Merlin Conspiracy

ISBN: 0060523204;
Издательство: HarperTrophy
Страниц: 480

Amazon.comMaster fantasist Diana Wynne Jones--author of the Chrestomanci books, Dark Lord of Derkholm , Year of the Griffin , and many others--scores another winner in this absorbing tale of magic and courtly intrigue told in two voices. In the world called Islands of the Blest, Roddy is a young page who has grown up traveling with her family in the King?s Progress, a constant journey around the kingdom. Just after she and her younger friend Grundo spot a growing conspiracy to overthrow the King and change the balance of magic, they are whisked away to visit Roddy?s grim and silent grandfather; when they return the Progress has moved on without them. Meanwhile in another world, Nick Mallory, 14, blunders into a dreamlike adventure that leads him to the powerful wizard Romanov and involves him in Roddy?s mission to save the worlds from the upset planned by the conspiracy. The story moves through several precariously linked worlds in vividly imagined episodes...

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