Обложка книги TruckDogs


ISBN: 0810950316;
Издательство: Harry N Abrams
Страниц: 158

Amazon.comBeloved Australian author and illustrator Graeme Base of Animalia , and Eleventh Hour fame tries his hand at writing something longer--"a novel in four bites"--but with mixed results. Set in the imaginary outback world of the TruckDog (a wild evolutionary hybrid that's either "an animal with an engine" or "a car with floppy ears and a wet nose"), Base's story starts out promisingly weird, but then promptly chases its tail in overcomplicated exposition and character development.Kids will probably take to the notion of a fuel-tanker dachshund or a drag-racer greyhound initially (they'll certainly pore over the 16 full-color plates illustrating various TruckDog "breeds"), but that attention will likely fade one-hundred pages into the convoluted and prosaic story about a town that needs to focus its bored, boisterous youth to fight off a gang of bandits. Kids will likely love TruckDogs 's rough-and-tumble descriptions, "Behind them stood a huge,...