Обложка книги Feebie Brainiac and the Lysis Virus

Feebie Brainiac and the Lysis Virus

ISBN: 1933255145;
Издательство: Dna Press
Страниц: 252

Book Description The Brainiacs, a group of six extraordinarily gifted children, save humankind from a world-ending virus in this futuristic adventure that encourages young adults to think about such controversial issues as euthanasia, human cloning, and genetic manipulation. Most people in AD 8012 die when their "term of life" chip expires, so when the government begins to notice a series of inexplicable deaths, Feebie and the other Brainiacs are enlisted to find out the cause. Their discovery of a genetically manipulated virus—and the man who ordered its creation—leads the Brainiacs to Patmos, the island of no return, where they wage the battle of their lifetime to save the planet from the deadly virus and the man who planned to take over the world. Creative wordplays and themes of trust, teamwork, and honesty thread this thought-provoking adventure.