Обложка книги Human Torch Volume 1: Burn Digest (Human Torch)

Human Torch Volume 1: Burn Digest (Human Torch)

ISBN: 0785117571;
Издательство: Marvel Comics
Страниц: 136

Book DescriptionJohnny Storm is the youngest member of the world-famous Fantastic Four, with the powers and temperament of fire itself. Impulsive, restless and thrill-seeking by nature, the Torch doesn't need to wait for the rest of the FF. He can get into trouble all by himself. Years ago, after gaining his powers, Johnny became the most popular student on his high-school campus. The Big Man on Campus until the Torch came along was Olympic-bound wrestler Mike Snow. The Snow/Storm rivalry reached a terrible climax when the two were fighting over a girl. Snow never wanted to see Johnny again - until now, years later, when a fellow firefighter dies before his eyes, inexplicably bursting into flames ... like a Human Torch. Collects Human Torch #1-6.

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