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Jan Page


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ISBN: 0802789951
Издательство: Walker Books for Young Readers
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 244
Book Description What if you could press the rewind button on your life? Time is a funny thing. Some people believe it only moves in one direction— forward. But others think time moves forward and backward simultaneously. Of course, no one really knows the answer. No one, that is, until Liam is killed by a falling speaker at a Battle of the Bands contest. Suddenly Liam travels back in time and soon finds himself in the middle of his teenaged parents’ band rehearsal, and an unseen observer of a love triangle between bandmates. Would his mother be happier ending up with the drummer instead of his father? Would that choice save the drummer from a fatal accident that is about to end his life? And if Liam helps them along, will he be canceling out his own existence? If only he can figure out how to use time to his own advantage.
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