Обложка книги Singer in the Snow

Singer in the Snow

ISBN: 067005965X;
Издательство: Viking Juvenile
Страниц: 304

Book DescriptionNevya is an "ice planet" without technology, so cold that to be outside after nightfall means certain death.The Nevyans rely on their Singers, who are trained to channel psi energy through music to create heat and light. Mreen is one of the most talented Singers at the Nevyan Conservatory?but she is unable to speak aloud. Her companion and interpreter when she is assigned to the community of Tarus is Emle, who, despite considerable training, has never been able to channel her psi. The two young women, so long sheltered by the Conservatory, face many challenges, including learning how to relate to each other.They then find out about young Gwin, whose abusive stepfather wants to exploit her psi-Gift talents?and in reaching out to help her,Mreen and Emle also help themselves.