Обложка книги The Pirate Queen: A Timewalker Journey

The Pirate Queen: A Timewalker Journey

ISBN: 1590922247;
Издательство: Blue Works
Страниц: 188

Book DescriptionImagine being a thirteen-year-old girl dealing with your single father, annoying brother and all the baggage of growing up. You start having nightmares about a dark figure who asks you to visit the past and "find her treasure." Suddenlythe dream becomes real: you travel through time, battle ancient pirates, face down demons and search for a hidden hoard of riches. You?re Jessica Ross, heroine of The Pirate Queen - A Timewalker Journey, an action-packed book inspired by the real-life adventures of Grace O'Malley, the Irish Pirate Queen. The story: While traveling in Ireland, seventh-grader Jessica Ross is haunted by strange dreams of a mysterious figure. That otherworldly presence turns out to be Grace O?Malley, a real-life, sixteenth-century pirate queen. After the ghostly queen asks Jess to "find her treasure," Jess travels through time to relive scenes from the pirate queen?s thrilling life, such as fighting an epic sea battle, planning a...