Обложка книги Lorenzo's Revolutionary Quest

Lorenzo's Revolutionary Quest

ISBN: 1558853928;
Издательство: Pinata Books
Страниц: 192

Book DescriptionThis exciting action-adventure for young-adults continues the story of the Spanish contribution to the American Revolution In his last adventure, Lorenzo Bannister swept across the southern colonies of England and Spain, from the teeming ports of New Orleans to the fertile plantations of Virginia, struggling to deliver crucial supplies to George Washington. Now, in this sequel to Lorenzo?s Secret Mission, the intrepid young adventurer is back to fulfill his commitment to the American Revolution. When General George Washington names Lorenzo a captain in the Continental Army, he is sent on another challenging mission: to go to Texas to purchase 500 head of cattle from the Spanish. With Colonel De Galvez?s aid, Lorenzostruggles to herd the cattle and his soldiers to the Mississippi River via the King?s Highway--a rustic dirt road through the provinces of Texas and Louisiana. Once again, Lorenzo finds himself charged with a life-theatening...

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