Обложка книги Period Pieces : Stories for Girls

Period Pieces : Stories for Girls

ISBN: 0066237963;
Издательство: HarperCollins
Страниц: 160

Book Description Girlfriend. Aunt Flo. DoNa Rosa. That time of the month. Being on the rag. The curse. Monthlies. Womanly time. George. You might have a different name for it, but all of these words mean the same thing: your period. And the number of nicknames you can make up for your period is nothing compared to the number of ways you can feel about it. You may wonder if you're the only girl you know who doesn't have her period. Or you may feel excited about growing up. Are you confused about what's happening inside your body? Or do you feel silly as you giggle with your mom or friends about the pamphlets you're given in school? In these frank and often poignant new short stories, twelve stellar authors explore the anxiety and excitement of "becoming a woman." Engaging, empowering, and sometimes hilarious, these stories show us girls who couldn't be more different -- and yet ultimately reveal...

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