Обложка книги Jack & The Beanstalk (Storycard Theater)

Jack & The Beanstalk (Storycard Theater)

ISBN: 0974816116;
Издательство: Leaf Moon Arts
Страниц: 12

Book DescriptionThe story of Jack ? the poor boy who climbs a magical beanstalk to a wicked giant?s castle and returns with a golden harp and hen ? reflects humanity?s ancient fascination with touching the sky. (The first printed version appeared in the 1700s.) In most versions, though, Jack is portrayed as a sneaky thief, even returning multiple times to steal more treasure. The Leaf Moon Arts version is presented in Storycard Theater? format, our modern versionof the Japanese picture-card dramas called kamishibai. Here Jack is a compassionate figure who rescues the repressed harp and hen from the cruel giant. (This is one of the lesser-known but earliest versions of this classic tale.) Kazumi Verkler?s gentle illustrations add a warm, friendly atmosphere.

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