Обложка книги Magic Farm : A Day of Fun and Adventure

Magic Farm : A Day of Fun and Adventure

ISBN: 0595323219;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 94

Book DescriptionCasey and his sisters had no idea that two teenagers trespassed onto their property. These intruders were mesmerized when they saw Casey's younger sister ordering the birds to fly her to the pond. These flying creatures grabbed her clothes with their beaks and bills and elevated her high up in the air. "Could this place be haunted?" the teens wondered. "How do the children get these animals to obey them?" The intruders decided to follow the children to Uncle John's cabin. They wanted to find out the answers to their questions. After having sworn the children to secrecy, Uncle John showed them his underground laboratories. He explained how snow, rain, and hail are formed. The siblings had fun playing in the labs. They made snow angels in the snow lab and they experienced zero gravity in the gravity lab. The intruders discovered the secret labs and managed to sneak in. They almost froze in the snow lab and nearly drowned when a storm developed in the ocean lab....

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