Обложка книги Running for Redemption

Running for Redemption

ISBN: 0595322662;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 156

Book Description Running for Redemption is teenage author Lance Huffman's rich, allusion-filled tome on the American Dream. Huffman's first book is a collection of eight personal and charming stories with wildly diverse characters and unique plots including: A tribute to the author's lost friend. A young executive's Hitchcock-esque search for a mysterious girl in New York City. The suburban fairy tale of a teen girl, her trusty tennis racket, and a mythical beast. An allegorical treatment of the September 11th attacks. A political boss' effort to destroy his own machine in the Depression-Era South. The messianic tale of a girl struggling with an eating disorder. And other stories. Huffman's insightful stories are layered with symbolism, making for an interesting thought-provoking read. Huffman's distinctive youthful viewpoint and mature writing style appeal to the gamut of readers from teens to adults. His celebration of deliverers and...