Обложка книги On The Road To Royalty

On The Road To Royalty

ISBN: 1932898328;
Издательство: Spring Creek Book Company
Страниц: 222

Book DescriptionSixteen-year-old Lisa Larson and her two best friends, Patrice and Angela, are having a great year with their secret committee, the BCC, or Birthday Calling Committee. The girls formed this secret committee to anonymously call boys on their birthdays and sing them a spirited birthday song. No one knows who the BCC is, and the girls want to keep it that way. Things get even better for Lisa when an elaborate scheme brings her together with handsome, blue-eyed Jared Nichols. Lisa is in heaven until beautiful, talented, always-smiling Whitney Thurber enters the picture. When Jared and Whitney start spending time together, Lisa is devastated, knowing she can?t compete with Whitney?s perfection and upbeat attitude. Then to make things worse, Patrice and Angela invite Whitney to be a part of the BCC. Lisa is convinced the others want Whitney to fill her spot in the group. Is Lisa doomed and destined to be friendless and without a boyfriend? Will she be forever...