Обложка книги Anglican Young People's Dictionary

Anglican Young People's Dictionary

ISBN: 0819219851;
Издательство: Morehouse Publishing
Страниц: 71

Book DescriptionWhat does the vestry do? Is there a difference between a rector and a vicar? What exactly is an undercroft, anyway? Young people?and their families?can turn to this user-friendly, clearly written resource to learn the meanings of many of the unique words that are part of the Anglican tradition. The Anglican Young People?s Dictionary is a concise, engaging, easy-to-read dictionary of some 150 often-used but frequently misunderstood words used by Anglicans. Written in an approachable, kid-friendly style, it?s an excellent resource for teens approaching Confirmation, as well as students in parish Christian formation programs. It?s also a useful tool for parents and parish educators, and a handy reference for church newcomers.

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