Обложка книги A Pocket Dictionary Of Ancient Greek Heroes And Heroines

A Pocket Dictionary Of Ancient Greek Heroes And Heroines

ISBN: 0892367954;
Издательство: Oxford University Press
Страниц: 48

Book DescriptionThe audacious characters of Greek mythology have remained popular throughout the ages. This colorful and handy visual reference introduces to a new generation these ancient heroes and heroines, who used their cunning, beauty, and courage to overcome an array of obstacles and monsters. Young readers will be amazed by the stories of Herakles and his twelve mighty labors; Jason's quest for the Golden Fleece; Perseus, who vanquished the Gorgon Medusa and saved Andromeda from the sea monster; Bellerophon, the rider of the winged horse Pegasus; Penelope's undying loyalty; and many others. Also here are the treacherous monsters (and perils) that these heroes and heroines faced: one-eyed giants, called Cyclopes; the alluring Sirens; the terrible half-man, half-bull called the Minotaur; and the evil witch Circe. Each entry is illustrated with a color photograph of an ancient work of art showing the characters in action. An index helps the reader easily find his favorite...

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