Обложка книги The Business Guide to Selling Through Internet Auctions

The Business Guide to Selling Through Internet Auctions

ISBN: 1-885068-73-5;
Издательство: Maximum Press (FL)
Страниц: 606

The online business-to-business auction market is expected to surge from $19 billion in 1999 to nearly $53 billion by 2002 - a 176 percent change over three years. For those businesses that want to supplement their sales online or those who want to make a full-time effort out of selling online in a structured, well-planned, repeatable way, this book shows the new online auction seller the ins and outs of this new sales channel. Businesses will learn how to find online auction sites and how to judge whethera particular one meets their needs, how to register and establish an account, and how to list auctions and attract bids. Private sellers will learn how to present items for sale in a way that's irresistible for potential bidders and receive important tips for winning with their customers.