Обложка книги Due Process

Due Process

ISBN: 0595297056;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 316

Book DescriptionThe year is 2084. America is laboring under a vast reconstruction plan designed to rebuild the cities and bring the country out of a long depression. All hard copy records are declared illegal and computers are the only source of information, a source that can be manipulated to distort the facts and hide the truth to promote treason. Hank Rittemeyer is a New York City Police Detective who has learned to live with the stifling rules and regulations brought about by restrictive lawsimposed throughout the country. During a routine burglary investigation he discovers an error in the police computer when the suspect, Colin OA?Riley, is erased from the computers. He sets out to find him and enlists OA?RileyA?s lawyer and the burglarA?s sister. They learn that the rule of law has been corrupted into a conspiracy to deny justice in an attempt to turn AmericaA?s citizens into sheep who blindly follow the new lords of ...