Обложка книги Origin


ISBN: 1594050384;
Издательство: New Age World Publishing
Страниц: 208

Book Description Joseph Paige's interest in aliens started at a young age. He, and some members of his family had an interesting encounter when they saw an unidentified flying aircraft. They were never able to explain it, so they just forgot aboutit over time, and set it back into their collective subconscious. They never discussed it after the experience took place. Probably because they were never able to logically explain what had happened that night. But he carried that experience in the back of his mind for many years. One day he began wondering about what motivates UFOs to visit us in such a clandestine manner and, although he is not a huge UFO buff, he was always interested in hearing stories about encounters people had with UFOs. He eventually developed the hypotheses he wrote about in this book. Joseph Paige has dared to answer a question that has been building ever since the alleged crash landing of an alien craft in the desert outside of Roswell,...