Обложка книги The Blade's Edge: Forever After

The Blade's Edge: Forever After

ISBN: 0595287263;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 246

Book DescriptionTime and telling blur to myth what once was truth, when all the world's legends lived as flesh and blood. An alternate history set in a world not quite our own, Forever After chronicles the quick and the dead. So begins thestory of Quin Xavier, a young man who comes of age during the Autumn days of Camelot. The stirrings of an ancient prophecy set in motion events that will change his life forever. A tragic love, the betrayal of fate, a friendship shattered, and a kingdom lost... As the Sword of Kings cries out to his heart, can he survive all this in the face of an unimaginable evil? In the first volume of a saga which spans centuries and unites world mythology, witness the cycle of Disaster and Love , Anger and Sorrow , Vengeance and Dust . "With the heart of a lover and the cruel grace of a poet, he has intwined old Celtic myth with early Arthurian legend to create a unique story in a style that's all his own." ...