Обложка книги The Conspirator's Tale

The Conspirator's Tale

ISBN: 1891929976;
Издательство: Four Seasons Publishers
Страниц: 306

Book DescriptionWith deadly narcotics flooding the streets of the U.S., midway through his second term, President Kennedy launches a covert operation on the carnival city of Rio de Janeiro. The purpose is to cut off the steady flow of drugs from reachingthe shores of the U.S. and the Rio drug lords are the targets of the President?s mission, a mission dubbed Operation Anaconda. Occupying a lofty seat in the hierarchy of the Rio drug culture is the man who escaped the grasp of U.S. authorities in the 1963 Dallas caper?none other than the elusive Guy Bannister. Since taking flight, the big man has acquired power and wealth to fuel his desire, a desire to return with one thought in his sinister mind?revenge. Revenge on those who thwarted his plan in ?63, a plan to assassinate the President. Now, with the President?s men on their mission in Rio, Bannister makes his return. Is the unknowing President safe? Will his men return in time to stop the evil one from...

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