Обложка книги The Verdict: When a State Is Hijacked

The Verdict: When a State Is Hijacked

ISBN: 0595294502;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 108

Book DescriptionFifty-six years after WW II, Germany again participated in military actions against Yugoslavia. By fictionally putting the protagonists of his book, German Chancellor Gerhard SchrA¶der and Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, on trial for war crimes, the author reveals the secret agenda of the German government using original quotations and a breathtaking collection of evidence. By strictly adhering to the German and international laws, the fiction becomes very real and may lead readers to question the legitimacy of their governments when declaring war in the name of the people. The book also reveals the propaganda tools used by those in power, which may appear not to be too different from the dark past of Germany's recent history.