Обложка книги Dark Side of Time

Dark Side of Time

ISBN: 1932656022;
Издательство: Triumvirate Publications
Страниц: 422

The style of this latest expansive supernatural novel by the prolific Chernozemsky incorporates "elements of the New Testament written as a Noh play." The author's knowledge of the "Theater of the Absurd" from his days as a young actor in Paris is another influence. In a less experienced author's hands, such devices would make for a crazy quilt of a book. But with Chernozemsky, they serve to brings his ideas, vision, and interests into dramatic focus. These center around the main theme of the "various reincarnations of Christ and his coexistence with the Anti-Christ." The benevolent, pacific, character Jesus Christ of the Bible is but one manifestation of the good in its eternal struggle with evil. The protagonist named Gordon encounters individuals in the present who are from different time periods. After examining altered historical religious documents kept in a secret vault at the Vatican, Gordon gains a realization of the Manichaean contest between good and evil playing out in...