Обложка книги Red Terror: Never Again (Never Again)

Red Terror: Never Again (Never Again)

ISBN: 1595262083;
Издательство: Llumina Press
Страниц: 204

Book DescriptionA secret society of war and democide survivors sends a female warrior Joy Phim and her historian lover John Banks back to 1906 to prevent the major wars and democides of the 20th Century and to promote a democratic peace. Their intervention becomes known in the far future, and a Muslim dictator sends a Chinese warrior woman back to 1906 to kill them and save the world for Islam. The lovers and the assassin soon discover that Bolsheviks have already changed the universe with a successful Russian Revolution in 1905. Changed? What could change their past? How could the Russian Revolution occur in 1905 and not 1917 as it did in the universe they left? When the lovers realize the incredible answer, they must confront it as they try to stopthe Red Terror, Bread War, and Russian Civil War killing millions. They are faced with unimaginably deadly weapons and power. With the future of the universe at stake, with John and Joy's only choice being between a future democratic...