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Richard Kendrick

Deja Vu

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ISBN: 0975571605
Издательство: Vagabond Press
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 352
Book DescriptionAlden Homer and Blake Whitman, the main characters in Deja Vu, are traveling their own paths, which seem to cross more frequently than usual for two dissimilar guys on the road in Asia. Their thoughts and experiences are the pieces of jigsaw puzzle that the reader can assemble. In this age of technological innovation and interaction, this seminal work allows the reader to actively participate in the construction of the narrative, following the characters, settings, and/or themesof his or her choice. Alden, who experimented with drugs during his Ivy League days, is now in his 50s. He has passed through Wall Street and sacrificed a marriage to his literary aspirations. Searching for the Muse, he'll settle for enlightenment. Blake, the narrator, is taking a year off before medical school, and is enthusiastically seeking the adventure he could only read about - or see in the movies - back home in Middle America. He chases the Exotic. Independently or...