Обложка книги Georgia Cane Syrup

Georgia Cane Syrup

ISBN: 0977134334;
Издательство: Jada Press
Страниц: 176

Stories from the Great Depression and World War II are told everywhere. In south Georgia, they take on their own complexion from the authors of this little book who lived through those times.Twenty longtime friends have written personal stories about life in their home town, Waycross, Georgia, when it was a smaller and far different place. As children in those days, we had to be inventive and resourceful, creating most of our own toys and recreation. We managed to have great times?ranging from floating handmade boats in a favorite canal to baseball games with a much-torn and taped ball, "slingshot wars," prom parties, flirting at the drugstore soda fountains and hanging around "The Corner" downtown. When the war in Europe arrived, itchanged growing up?and our town--in striking ways. Some of our World War II fighting men still call Waycross home, and theirs is part of this story. The girls who loved and married them are also a part. Most of the writers attended ! Waycross...