Обложка книги Journey to Xibalba

Journey to Xibalba

ISBN: 0976701405;
Издательство: Topa
Страниц: 256

Book DescriptionThe Journey to Xibalba is the story of Edward Amelot, a renowned anthropologist, and his theory that thousands of years before Christ, travelers from the Far East came to Mesoamerica where they met with Maya Indians and shared their knowledge, skills, arts, and beliefs. The pursuit of this theory leads Edward on a journey to search for a hidden temple in the jungles of Chiapas, Mexico where he learns of an antediluvian world culture that has never been explained by the literati of his profession. As he encounters descendents of the ancient Maya he learns that they are intent on preserving the culture of their own domain, he encounters the venerable world of the Ancient Ones, the primeval Gods of the Mayas and their world, Xibalba; "the Underworld of the Gods", where the Ancient Ones have resided for eternity , only to come forward when they are needed. When Edward's beautiful daughter Cara does not hear from him, she seeks the help of Alex Roman, a retired covert...

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