Обложка книги My Nine Lives: Chapters of a Possible Past

My Nine Lives: Chapters of a Possible Past

ISBN: 1593760698;
Издательство: Shoemaker & Hoard; Reprint edition
Страниц: 277

In this, her first novel in more than nine years, in a career studded with distinctive and unique accomplishments, award-winning Ruth Prawer Jhabvala has written her most unusual book. My Nine Lives, "Chapters of a Possible Past," as the subtitle declares, is comprised of nine vignettes that lead from London to Delhi, from Hollywood to New York?all linked to portray a rich life, filled with spiritual searching. After seventeen books, Ruth Prawer Jhabvala takes herself on as a subject, exploring the lives she may have or may have wished to live. My Nine Lives is a moving and intriguing book of truth, invention, history, and memory.