Обложка книги A Dictionary of Environmental Economics, Science, and Policy

A Dictionary of Environmental Economics, Science, and Policy

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ISBN: 1843763184;
Издательство: Edward Elgar Publishing
Страниц: 416

?At last, three authors who have recognised the need for economic literacy among environmental scientists and scientific literacy for economists. Quentin Grafton and his colleagues offer a wide-ranging, ambitious, but highly successful guide to the ever-expanding terminology that any modern-day environmental researcher and reader needs. One to keep on the reference shelf.? -David Pearce, CSERGE, University College London, UK ?In a field like environmental studies that cuts across so many diverse disciplines, scholars and students really need a basic reference like this Dictionary. It provides concise definitions of a myriad of terms from economics, environmental science, and the policy arena. And even more, it also provides a set of excellent primers for environmental economics itself and some related issues. It is an invaluable reference.? -Wallace E. Oates, University of Maryland and Resources for the Future ?This book is a very useful...