Обложка книги Magical Beginnings (Daw Book Collectors)

Magical Beginnings (Daw Book Collectors)


ISBN: 0756401216;
Издательство: DAW
Страниц: 352

The companion to Wondrous Beginnings (reviewed in this issue), this anthology offers the first-published fantasy stories by 20 contemporary fantasists ranging from grand masters and mistresses to the up-and-comers. Among the foremost of the former are Andre Norton and Ursula K. LeGuin, and they are backed by a distinguished rank of experienced hands composed of Peter Beagle, Charles De Lint, Mercedes Lackey, Megan Lindholm (who is currently writing as Robin Hobb), and others. A majority of the contributors are female, and a substantial number of them were mentored by the late Marion Zimmer Bradley (alas, not represented here). Among the intriguing additional experiences these women bring to their writing are Lisanne Norman Patton's summers as a Viking reenactor. If there is a slight bias toward authors in the publisher's stable, this doesn't affect the overall quality. A book good for both recreational reading and, especially thanks to the separate story introductions, possible...

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