Обложка книги Thieves' World: Turning Points

Thieves' World: Turning Points

ISBN: 076534517X;
Издательство: Tor Books
Страниц: 368

From Mickey Zucker Reichert's opening tale of a jaded child whose desire for solitude is quashed by a group of determined women ("Home Is Where the Hate Is") to Jeff Grubb's story of a fugitive sorcerer with a head filled with words of power ("Apocalypse Noun"), the 11 selections in this shared-world anthology introduce a new generation of readers to the lawless and enticing city of Sanctuary. Shapechangers, wizards, cutpurses, and assassins share the spotlight in stories by Lynn Abbey, Raymond Feist, Andrew Offut, and others. Fans of the original "Thieves' World" series should enjoy this volume, a sequel to Abbey's novel Sanctuary and a harbinger of other volumes to come. A good choice for most fantasy collections.

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