Обложка книги Sailing To Byzantium

Sailing To Byzantium

ISBN: 0743487117;
Издательство: ibooks
Страниц: 432

In this collection of five previously published novellas, Nebula and Hugo Award-winner Silverberg interprets literary allusions literally, building complex SF scenarios from fragments taken from English literature. Silverberg's eponymous novella transposes Yeats's poem title "Sailing to Byzantium" to 50th-century Earth, where tourist-citizens spend their time visiting replicas of long-dead historical cities such as Byzantine Constantinople. The narrator of "Homefaring" travels far into the future and finds himself inside the sentient consciousness of a giant lobster, leading him to reflect on time as described in one of Eliot's Quartets. A passage from the Book of Joshua provides the premise for "Thomas the Proclaimer," in which a shaggy prophet's call for a sign from God leads to the sun standing still in the sky. The line "We are for the dark" from Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra becomes the justification for interstellar colonization in the resulting novella here. And...