Обложка книги The Dedalus Book of  Greek Fantasy

The Dedalus Book of Greek Fantasy

ISBN: 1873982844;
Издательство: Dedalus, Ltd
Страниц: 356

The latest addition to the Dedalus Series on European Fantasy Literature, this anthology of short stories presents the richness and diversity of Greek fantasy literature, steeped in Homeric tradition. This first such collection spans the 20th century and contains mostly work in first English translations, including * classic Greek authors: Papadiamantis, Karkavitsas, Theotokas, Karagatsis * leading contemporary writers: Ambatzoglou, Valtinos, Yatromanolakis, Skakianakis, Tatsopoulos * prose of major Greek poets: Cavafy, Karyotakis * Greek Surrealists: Embeirikos,Engonopoulos, Valaoritis