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Marlo Dianne

Amityville House of Pancakes 2

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ISBN: 1894953304
Издательство: Creative Guy Publishing
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 296
As if one suspect post-mortem breakfast trip wasn’t enough, AHOP returns in its second annual volume to delight the sad souls who enjoy humorous speculative fiction. We can’t promise AHOP 2 will be funnier than last year’s edition, but we can promise that it will be greasier. AHOP 2 will again feature four novella length works from some of today’s most demented, twisted and depraved, er, rather creative and talented minds. More mayhem from the folks that aren’t sure of the difference between funny-haha and funny peculiar, these four new novellas are guaranteed (offer not valid where prohibited by law) to tickle, please, delight and restore you, all via the magic of humorous speculative fiction. Amityville House of Pancakes: You don’t have to be dead to eat here, but it helps. Novellas included: Gella Murphy: Public Dick, by Marlo Dianne Firebirds and Truth, by Uncle River Froggie, by Sally Kuntz The Last Generation To Die, by Carlos Hernandez.