Обложка книги Darkness Rising 2005

Darkness Rising 2005

ISBN: 1894815408;
Издательство: Prime Books
Страниц: 404

Over one hundred thousand and fifty thousand words . . . twenty original stories . . . twenty new and established authors . . . and two very well-respected and knowledgeable editors . . . Edited by L.H.Maynard and M.P.N.Sims, Darkness Rising 2005 represents possibly the strongest contribution in this long-running anthology series with quality as its byword, from the opening story, "The Thing In The Closet," to its closing thirty-thousand-word novella, "Winter's Dark Memory." Within are stories of sex, of religion, of mystery and terror, all coated with a sheen of supernatural fear that lingers long after the first reading of . . . Darkness Rising.