Обложка книги Perchance To Dream: And Other Stories

Perchance To Dream: And Other Stories

ISBN: 1594141495;
Издательство: Five Star
Страниц: 396

This sixteen story collection runs the gamut of speculative fiction from fantasy to sci fi to horror and a few points in between. The tales with the title exception can be found in other publications dating back to 1991, but not in one place. The title, Perchance to Dream is a new story that takes place in the DragonCrown War universe; the superb tale is written from hints and other references in the books that make up that realm. The anthology also includes a 1992 rewrite of a 1983 Marek-Rais tale, "Wind Tiger". The tales show the range of skills that Michael A. Stackpole has as each contribution is well written and entertaining and would be a fine short story collection even without the DragonCrown War Alexia's Dream Raid tale. That new tale enhances a strong compilation that fans of the author will appreciate and newcomers will seek his novels.