Обложка книги Kolchak Night Stalker

Kolchak Night Stalker

ISBN: 0971012938;
Издательство: Moonstone
Страниц: 56

Book DescriptionHe's BACK! This is the on that started it all! The inspiration behind the "X-Files"! TV's first paranormal investigator, reporter Carl Kolchak, is drawn into a series of unusual murders in Las Vegas, where all the victims suffer from "severe blood loss". What is really prowling the streets of this gambling mecca? It's Kolchak versus the rest of the world, as he fights for the truth, while battling corruption, ignorance, terror, and ultimately, himself. This first book is an adaptationof the novel, on which one of the most watched TV movies of all time is based. Kolchak's creator, Jeff Rice himself, scripts the story!

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