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David B. Coe

Rules of Ascension : Book One of Winds of the Forelands (Winds of the Forelands)

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ISBN: 081258984X
Издательство: Tor Books
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 672
Amazon.comMagic and mayhem, politics and personal sacrifice weave a sophisticated tapestry in this first in an epic fantasy series from award-winner David B. Coe. Once, the magic-wielding Qirsi fought the Eandi clans for control of the Forelands. Defeated by a traitor, the Qirsi have been uneasily absorbed into Eandi society, serving as councilors to the powerful, but they are still mistrusted. Now a Qirsi faction hopes to subvert the rules of ascension to the Eandi throne. Tavis, a young noble in line for the kingship, becomes a target of the conspiracy and finds that he must turn to an unlikely source for help--a powerful and enigmatic Qirsi who may be more than he seems. The opening chapters take the time to develop the politics, history, and customs of the Forelands. The patient reader will be rewarded with adventure, betrayal, love, and hope set against a well-realized blend of epic events and the beginning of Tavis's personal hero-quest. --Roz Genessee Book...
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