Обложка книги The Gates to Witch World (Witch World Chronicles)

The Gates to Witch World (Witch World Chronicles)

ISBN: 0765300516;
Издательство: Orb Books
Страниц: 464

Book Description The first three legendary Witch World novels from one of the most popular authors of our time-Publishers Weekly Few authors have achieved such renown as World Fantasy Life Achievement honoree Andre Norton. With the love of readers and the praise of critics, Norton's books have sold millions of copies worldwide. Perhaps her best loved and most influential novels, the Witch World series have been too long unavailable to readers. But finally, in the first of two ominibuses, Witch World, Web of the Witch World, and Year of the Unicorn , the first three novels of the Witch World , are united for the first time so readers can once again step through The Gates to Witch World. Witch World -- Simon Tregarth, a man from our own world, escapes his doom through the gates to the Witch World. There he aids the witch Jaelithe's escape from the hounds of Alizon, only to find himself embroiled in a deeper war against an even...