Обложка книги Payback's a Bitch

Payback's a Bitch

ISBN: 0975396609;
Издательство: 4 Word Press
Страниц: 252

Book DescriptionWithin the infamous underworld of Bridgeport, CT dwells Cream and War, childhood partners who stay on the grind 24-7. Everyday is a hustle, so everyday is hectic. In the midst of doing daily dirt they encounter Tiara, a blazin' beauty hailing out of Brooklyn, NY who has just moved to the Terrace Garden Projects. Looks can be deceiving. Tiara rolls with an all female squad of vigilante cut-throats that hold the power to either redeem or destroy their lives. PAYBACK'S A BITCH is certified intelligent gangsta! It's the first epic tale of the Woman Hood series. In this cinema-in-ink styled novel, the author Marcus Spears submerges readers into the notorious realm of BPT, CT a city where the motto "Two wrongs don't make it right, it makes it even" originated. Now pull up your jeans or tighten your bra strap as you learn that in the center of all lies, lies the truth and whatever you do...never put too much trust in friends!